Hi Guys!

Fortunatetly the summer is ending! Yeah, you get it! 😉

We prefere much more the fresh season… So, we are happy that fall is coming! 😁

Here, it was a warm day in our beautiful city… Lucca is wonderful in September… maybe for the many events that there are in.

We recommend to visit it sooner or later! 😎

Hope you have a great weekend guys! 🍸🍷🍹


Marco outfit:

Sunglasses – Persol

Sham69’s T-Shirt (bought at their concert)

Jeans – Black Denim by H&M

Boots 1460 Made in England – Dr Martens

Laura outfit:

Hat – Divided by H&M

Sunglasses – Divided by H&M

T-Shirt&Dress – Divided by H&M

Bag – Asos Marketplace


Thank you all!

See you soon!

The Passengers 77