Hi there!

We are a young italian guys with a deep passion for fashion, vintage clothes, tattoos and punk music. We found our blog to show you who we are, what we like to do, what we love to listen and, of course… what we love to wear!


We grow up with The Clash, The Ramones, Iggy Pop (don’t you see that?! ;P), Dropkick Murphys and many others that necessarily influenced us in our lifestyle and outfits too. We have a deeper love for vintage clothes… we pass many time in vintage market where we can found something interessing for us to be customized! We love customized our clothes… it makes them unique!!


For all these reasons, we wanted to create a space where people could come to for outfit & style inspiration. We have never considered ourself a stylist, we just put things together that we love.



Thank you for being here, hope you like it!

Enjoy and stay punk!